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Indo American Association Of Delaware (IAAD) is a not for profit organization. It was incorporated in Delaware in 1984 and has no political or religious affiliations. Our board consists of fifteen volunteers of which a third come up for re-election each year. Our committees, and our membership, reflect the rich cultural and religious diversity of India.
Though IAAD General Body Meetings are open to all persons in the Community, only dues paying members have the eligibility to stand for / elect Board Members. All activities are supported through membership dues, voluntary contributions and fund raising events.

      All donations to IAAD are TAX deductible: IAAD Tax ID: 51-0314472.


The Indo American Association of Delaware has the following objectives and goals

  1. To promote general goodwill, friendship and unity among Indo-American community.
  2. To promote Indian heritage for the benefit of younger community in the Indo-American community.
  3. To organize specific social, educational, recreational and cultural activities to achieve the above objectives, and to educate the general public concerning the same.


The first wave of Indian immigrants arrived in Delaware in the 1960s to attend the University of Delaware (UofD). In the next decade, these Indian U of D students took the lead in organizing activities of the Indian community here. Activities included monthly Indian movies and a few Indian musical stage shows and dance recitals each year.

As the non-student Indian population grew in the 1980s, about 20 families decided one day in a member's basement to start an organization with a formal constitution and structure. They decided to create a secular association for people from the Indian sub-continent to foster their common identity. IAAD was thus born in 1984 and presented its first major event called India Day at the Hagley Museum. This event had an impressive turnout of 750 people. The annual celebration has been a continuing tradition with the 2010 event being attended by more then 3500 people at the Riverfront Center. 

As the student and working population of Indian origin grew in Delaware, students of U of D formed their own organization called Indian Students Association (ISA). The IAAD continued its mission to serve the Indian community and become the cultural bridge between Indian Americans and the local community. With a growing membership, IAAD is the largest such organization in the area. Since 1984, IAAD has been serving the cultural, social, educational, and philanthropic needs of the local community. IAAD continues to provide an umbrella for other smaller sub groups which subsequently developed.

The Indo American Association of Delaware welcomes all persons in the Community to participate in our cultural and community programs.

Community Activities

It may be pertinent to note that in the Indian context, almost all our Cultural activities have a symbolic link to either Religion or Region. So most festivals are celebrated region wise by people from diverse religious backgrounds. Even the Classical dances are a form of worship to some deity or other.


Supported by the City of Wilmington and New Castle County, IndiaFest is a grand interactive multimedia festival showcasing Indian food and culture. This event has grown in scale and we are proud to have maintained an excellent record of satisfaction and safety. Many distinguished local companies and organizations have helped sponsor this event. At this event, the IAAD Person of the Year Award is presented to acknowledge and honor members of the Community who have done outstanding work in giving back to the community, in helping out the less fortunate and in contributing time, effort and money to local charities.

Annual Health Fair & Charity Event

The Annual Health Fair & Charity Event is organized by the IAAD - Youth Group along with the Seniors Group. It is one of IAAD's most popular events where eminent local physicians give FREE health advice and conduct FREE health checks. This event also includes health related workshops and panel discussions on topic like Nutrition, Yoga , Exercise plan, Social Services and many more. The YG volunteers collect thousands of dollars to contribute to one local charity and one South Asian charity. The event activities include games, food and cultural items to entertain your entire family. Every year, the funds collected are evenly split between a US based charity and a South Asia based charity.

Summer Picnic :

Every Summer, the FREE annual picnic provided families an opportunity to socialize and make new friends in this fun filled outdoor event. The Annual Picnic has games, music and lots of food for kids and adults alike.

Annual IAAD Golf Championship

As part of Group / Team Building Activities and Mind, Leadership and Personality Building effort, more emphasis has been given to Recreational / Sports / Games activities. This has become more important with the purchase of the Community Center property, which will provide a more permanent infrastructure. To derive full benefit from these facilities, the neighborhood and local community members have been actively canvassed to make use of the facilities.

Services for the Local Community

Youth Group

The IAAD Youth group is a community organization centered on educating the community about South-Asian customs and allowing members to spend time with other South Asians and to enjoy themselves. There are no restrictions on membership other than being in grades 8-12 and willingness to be a volunteer. The Indo-American Youth Group of Delaware has been in existence for the past 20 years. Throughout this period, the group has been taking part in cultural activities that help kids learn about their Indian heritage and volunteer activities that aid the community in general. Certain cultural events that the association has taken part in over the past few years include India Day, Discussion Groups on current but controversial topics, and art projects that help mitigate the cultural confusion Indian-American kids have to endure. In addition to these events, the youth group participates in numerous volunteer and educational activities such as fundraisers for 9/11 and the Tsunami in Asia in 2004, gift-wrapping at the Delaware Psychological Center, serving food at the Emmanuel Dining Hall, and Adopt-a-Highway (highway cleanup). The IAAD-YG's show case event is the Health Fair & Charity Event where the IAAD-YG volunteers collect thousands of dollars to contribute to one local charity and one South Asian charity. The Health Fair & Charity Event has games, food and cultural event to entertain your entire family.

The Youth Group has been recognized by New Castle County for the past few years for exemplary community service and also by the Mayor of Wilmington for organizing fund raising activities.

Senior Group

IAAD Seniors Group meets every 2nd and 4th Sundays at one of the following locations: Hockessin Community Center, Hindu Temple, or other outdoor locations, from 3-6pm. Activities include, music and dance programs, special performances, Indoor Games, Medical checkups, Outdoor Trips, Picnics, Parties and other fun activities. Most activities conclude with dinner. On special occasions the meeting is held over lunch at one of the area restaurants. The lunch for seniors is supported by the Division Of Ageing. The seniors organization currently includes 25 plus members. To join the seniors group you or your spouse must be at least 60 years of age. The IAAD-Senior group along with the Youth Group also organizes the Health Fair & Charity Event where eminent local physicians give FREE health advice and conduct FREE health checks.

In the last 27 years IAAD has partnered with many local organizations to raise funds and/or awareness for good causes over the years, including :

Wilmington First Night - UofD Indian Students Association

Emmanuel Dinning hall - Chinese-American Community

Hindu Temple association Of Delaware - Red Cross Of Delaware

BTL Foundation for international services - War Veterans of Delaware

Delaware Office of Volunteerism, Youth Inc

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